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The United States Troops under command of Colonel Dumont, supported by Colonels Kelley and Lander fire cannons from the top of the hill overlooking Philippi on June 3, 1861 onto the Confederates commanded by Colonel Porterfield encamped in the town.
Daring ride of Union Colonel Lander down the steep hillside, heavily covered with underbrush, as pictured in Leslie's Weekly Union troops in downtown Philippi. The Courthouse is on the left.
Sketch of the Union encampment on the heights above Philippi. Shows Col Dumont's headquarters and 7th Indiana Regiment. Philippi in 1861. Mostly fields around a small downtown on the east side of the river. The two roads into town - (on the left of the sketch) on the east side of the river and (on the right of the sketch) coming down the hill and through the Covered Bridge were used by Union Colonels Kelley and Dumont to advance on the Confederate troops in town.

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